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  1. I wouldnt pay more then 5m for the quests, those prices listed above are outrageous, Debuffed will get it done best not sure on his prices but they wont be near that. As for the thieving im unsure
  2. get some feedback and 70-80m as of right now 30-40m
  3. Y'all thirsty for this kate "broad" when in reality shes got a pecker.. looks like defil3d round 2
  4. Got a void pure and a few pures pm me
  5. If theres no security on my end i aint interested on the option then im not expecting the deposit to be held by me obviously but im also not gonna risk losing another dispute and getting shafted again lol just close the dispute then let everyone get away with everything like usual
  6. How can i ensure hes not gonna get defence on the account now or take the items and run? Is there a middleman available to hold a deposit or something for security on my end. Im out of town til tonight
  7. He failed the cape multiple times and in his TOS he states he promises to have em done in 24 hours and we all know what happened on my last fire cape dispute when there was multiple fails. So i left him neg feedback because he did not reply to me but had opened a new thread to buy gold
  8. this is jamez version of a couple hours [7/4/2016 9:43:21 AM] *** Jamez Osbot has shared contact details with Robbie Burton. *** [7/4/2016 9:43:27 AM] Jamez Osbot: Hi , how can I help you. [7/4/2016 10:05:52 AM] Robbie Burton: I was looking for that fire cape on osbot [7/7/2016 11:54:19 AM] Robbie Burton: Looking for a cape "quagmire" from osbot [7/7/2016 11:54:31 AM] Robbie Burton: Stats are 70 range 70 hp 51 pray 62 def. gear is god dhide, mitre, kbow, holy sandals, fury, accumalator [7/7/2016 3:35:13 PM] Jamez Osbot: Hello [7/7/2016 3:35:15 PM] Jamez Osbot: I was out [7/7/2016 3:36:47 PM] Jamez Osbot: Archer helm or mitre or Robin (or full void) Ava or God cloak Fury or Glory Karils bow 3.5K bolt racks God D'hide or Black D'hide body (or full void) God D'hide or Black D'ide chaps (or full void) Barrow gloves or God D'hide vambs or Black D'hide vambs (or full void) Archer ring or Ring of Gods or Ring of recoil Ranger boots or Snakeskin boots or Holy Sandals inv: 2 range potion (4) 8 Saradomin Brew (4) 18 Super Restore (4) [7/7/2016 3:36:58 PM] Jamez Osbot: And would be 12m (zuzell ect do for 15)
  9. Theres about 6 non admin people worth trusting on osbot and those are sysm, and debuffed, i have not dealt with the others but i would not trust johnny with more then 10m or 90% of the other life sponsers as there ticking time bombs lol
  10. I don't really care what you believe lol, one of your so called best mates scammed and your in twc for second time in two days so looks like your digging your own grave too
  11. I have most of them appealed its okay though i mean scammers will always scam
  12. Dispute is no longer useful as he is just taking the scamquit method, he said he was gonna get money from logic but looks like hes digging his own grave too thanks though mods http://m.imgur.com/a/xBbGo Didpute is done he is not putting in any effort to his refund so he can remain banned ill take the loss, he tried to get money lent to him from logic but hes looking to take the same way out it appears http://imgur.com/a/xBbGo
  13. Then theres people like you who offer to do services then dont reply
  14. When people are some of the most trusted people on here and lifetime sponsers u semi trust them, funny thing is most of the people who have scammed me are still active and are unbanned now GG mods
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