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  1. I achieved 1 99 this year, botted nonstop. Very lucky. Got 99 cooking
  2. Need Siri addon to the botclient, LOL
  3. You never have to not worry about a ban.. They will always normally catch you if you keep it up. However I have been botting for a few hours a day up to 8 hours tops on one of my alt-mains, I have been doing this for about a month now, still not banned.
  4. Depends if your playing a half-ass legit account. Or a botted from tutorial island account that you just created. Normal an account that is older and has been played legit will last a whole lot longer. Also depends if your ip is flagged, as well as how many accounts you will be botting on a single ip. There are a lot of variables. But if your playing an older account, play it legit for a few days then start bottting on it you should be fine for a long time. Just don't be stupid about anything. Bot smart, good luck
  5. This script will for sure get you 99 in no time. And for just pennies on the dollar in my opinion. This script is being tested using my account, My account has jumped 1.3m XP over maybe 4-6 hours tops.. But the testing for this began at like level 46 cooking, my account now has 78 cooking.
  6. I am pretty sure it will be free, hes not replying back to me so I am not for sure. However testing will be throughout the day to day, there already has been an hour or so of off and on testing, raised my cooking levels from 46 to 53.
  7. http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Cooking_training Look at the level 95-99 section of this. Its all about the wine making.
  8. I believe its anywhere from 200k - 500k per hour, depending on your cooking level. Just really depends. This supposed to be one of the fastest ways to get 99 cooking.
  9. Thanks for making this script. This will surely be of great use All your scripts are wonderful.
  10. I came here because I wanted an OSRS bot?
  11. Also sense this dispute isn't going to go anywhere, just close it. Just pisses me off at the fact that my shits gone, and the only guy that has my password is like "Oh don't know where it is, i never logged into your account", sure ya right. Whatever, just close this. Im not worried about it, just not getting another service from here.
  12. Sorry Dex, but the bot didn't capture any screenshots during that time frame of when I added that 10m to my account to when it was taken. Because I never botted it during that time. That 10m was not on my account very long, a day if that, before it disappeared.
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