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  1. Sure I got "Lucky" with a 2 day ban. I am not sure what happened in the last 30-40mins of me leaving the script but ive got my account back and I was dead, stood outside my house portal. Yes I forgot to move my house portal to Rellekka and was stood outside Rimmington portal, so no doubt the bot was just dead clicking or something, I had no view back and was not at the PC, so I can only image the bot got stuck and the dead clicks got me banned. In this case since I did not have my house in Rellekka I can take full responsibility, I should have double checked that. What do you suggest? do you think this could be the reason I was caught and banned? due to dead clicks and keeping my account logged in maybe? Also what do you suggest going forward, should I let my account rest for sometime before botting again or should I just go right back at it
  2. Never been banned so fast using a script before. Watch out kids, price does not mean quality. I didn't believe that guy at first that said he got banned before 100 kills, but I had new mouse option on and mirror mode. Fun fact this is the first bot ive used this new "new mouse" option on, wont be using it again either. How do I get a refund? Ban email: https://gyazo.com/b9b89d965684bde3175c7b17fb9a6d28
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    Thank you for the fast reply Yes, having "hop if crashed + attack active crabs" will be very good and would probably increase exp by 1-3k /h. It is not much but adds up haha.
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    Firstly, very new here, so skeptical of all scripts. Secondly, this script is a really good script. Was sceptical at first(like most) and scanned nearly every single comment page and finally decided I would go ahead and purchase. As you can see in the image, I am very impressed, tried both regular and progression. Very good script. Best part is, it supports the Ammonite crab spot, south of island. Faults; Will always run to bank to re-gear regardless if user has gear on already, which no biggy honestly. Only on script start though. Suggestions; Please add an option that has "hop if crashed and attack active crabs" So many times I noticed the bot would run back to the spot after banking and all the crabs are active and the bot wont attack them, it will just sit there. Yes I know there is an "attack active crabs" options but honestly wanted to stick with the "hop if crashed" option. So if you could combine "hop if crashed AND attack active crabs" so it doesn't idle till crabs reset from being active, would be great, but again, no biggy honestly. 10/10, hopefully interested buyers will see this and it will convince them. Well worth the money. Thanks.
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