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Is there a problem with webWalking?

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I have one script on SDN called gold amulet maker. It is supposed to go to furnace and bank area in al-kharid for making amulets. Sometimes, it do not walk to that place on its own. The script just does nothing if its not in the vicinity of the area.


This is what i am practicing on. cow hide collector. It works fine when Moving from hide location to bank, banks the hides but does not go back to the cows.

if (this.cows == null && this.inventory.isEmpty()) {
            this.walking.webWalk(new Position[]{this.cows});
            this.hasMoved = false;

This is a simple code condition which checks the cows and inventory state. If cows are not near and inventory is empty, it should go to the cows and collect hides. The script freeze at this point, does nothing.


Any tips?

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