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How Much Does Bonus 1 Def Level Give You

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I see people purposely staking with 2-3 defence in odds staking, I was wondering how much does 1 defence level actually give you compared to being just one defence, say you have four defence, what extra bonus does it give you? what is 1 defence level worth?

My maxed gmauler is 2 def and this is pissing me off.. So I decided to make a new pure

and probs turning my gmauler to a zerker or something like that.

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well i range stake and i see EVERYONE with 2 and 3 defence, and when they come on alternative accounts to stake me, same thing, 2-4 defence... it doesn't look like an accident considering that are 1 prayer, 1 att 1 str, how do you accidentally get 2 - 4 def on all of your accounts (including everyone else i stake as well)

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