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OSBot downloading as a RAR/.jar without an exe inside


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When I actually hit the download button the file goes into my downloads as a rar file and I can extract it to wherever I want. I can't find where the exe is in the actual rar so the application never opens. I just get 'OSBot 2.4.49.jar' with a bunch of .png files inside. Is there a simple way to fix this?


You run the .jar file ... No need for a .exe biggrin.png

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I can see it now...

"Osbot got me banned don't use this bot!!!"


I used the program around a year ago and everything worked fine, I was generally really careful with the amount of time I was botting, avoiding patterns, and using good scripts, etc. I just didn't really understand what was going on with the download this time around :/

Right click on the rar or w.e format it's in and go down to open with and Java should be a option


I figured this should be an option but it wasn't showing up, turned out I had to reinstall Java for it to work but everything is good now. Thanks.

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