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False Feeback


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Disputed Member: My FB.

Why it should be removed: Negative feedback should be removed. Will explain below.

Details: Member SaintGnome was going to sell me his main and said he would let me play on it until I pay, well he then said he couldn't take pp after agreeing on $75 and I had already put a bond on the account and made over 3m in items. He then changed the password because I wouldn't pay in rsgp so I said I would and then he gave me the password back and I sold the things I earned and transferred the money from that off the account to mine. He now claims that I scammed him and just left that FB for no reason.

Link  http://osbot.org/forum/user/136716-wooza/?tab=feedback


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So this is the whole story, i will list it in steps it will help me explain better as well.



1. He sends me a pm telling me he wants to buy my main.


2. I said okay, We negotiated on a price. Since i knew this guy for a year now I thought he was cool and such and was going to sell it cheap to him. I had not played runescape in months.


3. We had $75, Then I told him could if i could get it on gp, he said sure. He said he was going to get paid on thursday.


4. So Like a good friend and i trusted this guy, He asked me if he could play right now, So i was like okay.    https://i.imgur.com/eLNJ56L.png


5. Then he, told me he will only do paypal, saying i could scam him and the only way he could get his money back was from paypal. https://i.imgur.com/iB8Gaer.png


6. I told him ill try and fix my paypal ( Its restricted and i cant get it fixed thats why i told him i dont want paypal ) (this was on thursday.)


7. I called paypal and waited a day for it to be fixed, It did not work. Since i thought he would not want it anymore, ( HE MADE NO PAYMENTS, The account was not his at all, at this point ) I changed the password thinking he would not want it at all.





(I want to mention that idk why he put a bond in, it was not his account yet. I just let him use it untill his first payment. I only gave him username and password and nothing more, I have no clue why he put a bond on it)


8. Told him i had got an offer of 130m but i still wanted to double check if he wanted for cheaper for being friendly. https://i.imgur.com/FUmp9MB.png


9. He said yeah to the 90m    60 down and 30 later.


10. I messege him when we are going to do this deal? https://i.imgur.com/EPSZqxe.png  He never messeged me after that.


11. So i logged in and saw everything was gone.  It only had 100k-200k in items, ( but he TOOK OUT THE TENT FROM WHIP AND SOLD IT FOR 300K)


12. its fine that he sold the sharks he fished i did not mind that at all. but he even sold some 100 gp items anything he could find.


Some more proof.


https://i.imgur.com/Qme07nP.png (

He says like 200k, as referring to the tent whip)




Big proof here, He deleted so many messages i am stupid for not screen capturing it sooner.




He then tells me he is going to ddos me.



I was gonig to make a dispute later tonight with very detailed explanation but he beat me to it.


What I want back is Money for the whip and tent for it.


All the sharks he fished he sold, and even all my junk items he sold he can keep.


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I know this has nothing to do with this but ill explain my TWC



I think a few months ago i was on the website and i noticed on recent posts this guy was giving away his account on osbot. (He put his password in the post) I did not know it was against rules or anything and i logged in and 5min later the account got banned, Then after a few days later i stopped playing runescape and did not go on the website. Then when woozza wanted to buy my account he asked me why i had a TWC, And i think this is the reason why. Would be nice if i could get this removed, Maybe sometime in the future if i come back i would get back into botting.

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