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Few tips on not getting banned while botting.


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Just some things that might help you not get banned from runescape via botting.



1)Don't bot the same skill daily if you are going to keep it at a 2-3 day max.


2)Find a location where there is not many people, or their is a lot, if there are not many people, make sure to go on every so often and say 'hi' 'hello' or something like that, if there are a lot of people do the same, but you have a less of a chance of getting caught because you can pile on top of a huge group of people so people can't see what you're doing.


3)If you're going to bot a lot, do some quest every now and then, so it shows up on your adventure log and you can use that in your 'appeal' if you do get banned, you can say, "I wasn't botting, I've recently been doing quest and leveling up skills at the same time, I exp for a long time, so of course i'm going to get sick of it so I decide to do some quest." Or something a long the lines of that, not so direct of course just play it cool with your words. etc. I would suggest doing 2-4 quest at a time, if not do 1 or 2 it shouldn't hurt to do a few quest every now and then.


4) from time to time move your mouse randomly over skills and people so it isnt always the same path of bot.


5) manuel banking helps alot cuz it isnt same path as always....


6)Also I forgot to mention, Turn your friends chat to 'Off' ^.^


Happy Botting!


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