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diffrence between 2-perm ban


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hey well I am just curious if anybody knows how the ban system works


how do they decide who gets 2 day bans and who gets perm bans


I have never ever recived a 2 day ban in my whole time on rs since 2007

I used to get 7 or 14 days bans I cannot remember and perm bans but never 2


I am just curious if anybody knows how the system decided what bans people get

if anybody knows id love to hear thanks :)

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what do you mean legit players manualy botting? how are they legit if botting lol


Basically he means players who played legit and figured botting would save them some time. Jagex gives them 2 day bans as a slap on the wrist as they still want them paying/subscribing, but doesn't want them to bot. Perm bans are for the people with no real interest in the game (in jagexs eyes) and just in it for rwt/cash.

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