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Selling an almost maxed pure


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Hello everyone, I have a pure for sale which is almost maxed. Reason for me selling this account is i dont have any interest in the game anymore and also it has a 2 day ban so therfore i have no motivation to play without being able to bot. account has 15m+ mining xp also. 100m in wealth on the account. I have linked a screenshot of the cashstack and some items. I am open to offers as i am not to sure how much this account is worth. must be a paypal payment. The email address for this account was set up by myself and was only solely used for this account so any emails linked to it are 100% runescape related emails. I am not willing to go first but I will use a middle man.


All pure quests complete, monkey madness, Desert treasure etc.


After reading the rules of selling it states i need over 100 posts which i do not have so im not sure if i am allowed to sell it here but worth a try.












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