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[MAC] Searching for OSRS client to attach to...


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Hi there,


I just purchased VIP as I want to make use of the mirror mode. However, when I start the client in mirror mode, it keeps saying "Searching for OSRS client to attach to". I tried launching OSRS directly from Safari, Chrome and Firefox, but unfortunately almost every browser does not support Java anymore. I also tried linking it with OSBuddy, which first resulted in a blue screen, and ended up the same after a restart.


Can anyone help me solve this problem. Otherwise being a VIP is not really worth it wink.png.


Kind regards

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Alright, I thought I fixed it by visiting http://oldschool75.runescape.com/ but unfortunately, this does not do the job. It worked once, but after 2 minutes it got stuck and I had to restart it. After that, no success anymore. I an currently using Firefox and have just installed the latest version of Java 8. 



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