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Journey to an EPIC Pure !


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Even though I have a ton of exams and stuff. I'm looking forward on my journey towards making a BADASS PURE.


75 Attack

70 Strength ( for now )

80 Ranged ( for now )

94 Magic (Vengeance )

45 Defense Defense

13 Prayer

Under 80 HP If possible.. Possibly Barbarian Fishing for the Strength Levels. Have XP Only come in through Attack?



Quests Needed:


Waterfall Quest

Death Plateau

Vampire Slayer

Tree Gnome Village

Grand Tree


Horror From The Deep

Haunted Mine

Priest in Peril

Lost City

Lunar Diplomacy



As I'm putting a Certain Budget Limit towards this account to make it a tougher journey ( Haven't decided yet, feel free to post suggestions, 10m, 15m ETC ) . I've been picking up loot from Wilderness for the past 3 hours. Just to get food and stuff for training later. Also need to make some money for cannoning ( probably 10m in cannonballs Rip life) ! This is going to be a crazy ass journey! 




Skills needed:

25 Agility

55 Fishing

31 Crafting

36 Woodcutting

Lunar Diplomacy Reqs.





* More to Add whenever I need. Whenever my brain start to function.



While in the making ( May be changed in future and updated) :


Pure 1:

F2P Pking -

40 attack 30 strength, 45 Ranged - Needed: Waterfall quest, Fight Arena , Tree Gnome Village, 5k Cannonballs ( or more )


Pure 2:

60 Attack 60 Strength, 70 Ranged + - Need all quests completed w/ requirements + Barbarian Fish w 55 Fishing to 60 Strength + need to train Magic Levels up


Pure 3:


75 Attack, 70 Strength, 94 Magic, 80 Ranged - Finish the account. No life my brains. Gf life Irl.





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I like these sort of threads, keen to see updates


Also you might want to look into Khaleesi's new script if you want to train str without hp xp (if you're botting, otherwise you could just do the method legit)



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I always thought 60 attack pures were the coolest. If you would make a 60 attack 99 range 99 magic 80-88 str pure I would be so jealous.


For training str without gaining hp xp, I recommend doing pest control until you can enter warrior's guild, from there you can do the barrel minigame for 50k str xp/h without any hp xp. I believe Khaleesi who is a scripter on here, is releasing a bot for that soon. Good luck biggrin.png

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