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price check before selling the account


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i already made a selling post of this account here http://osbot.org/forum/topic/93809-selling-combat/

yes i fucked up the title :P


but i really want a good price for the account due to my rep on this forums and everything else

what will this account sell for? please post your opinion below and if you have a offer for the account please post here http://osbot.org/forum/topic/93809-selling-combat/




hunter and cooking last number is between 2-3 biggrin.png

agility is 7 + the age of a new born baby


Login picture






Untradble items













Starting bid at 75m osrs

auto win 150m

i only accept runescape 07 gold.


Trading conditions:

You go first or we use a middle man.


Account status



im the origonal owner i changed email to a new one fresh made on gmail.

just cos the email it was linked to was my private email i use for school etc.

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