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unbanning accounts(for real)

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So I seen that thread that was just posted of that guy unbanning accounts but he doesnt do macroed accounts? That is most of what our bans are. So I am willing to TRY and unban your account for whatever reason it was banned:macroing,goldfarming etc. and if it works we will talk about compensation.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I have do this for 2 of my accounts so far.

date is march 1, 2016--4days ago



So if your interested in possibly getting one of your accounts back and you know every bit of detail about that account, hit me up here or on skype.


skype = protowill


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"He doesn't do macro bans"

"Here's a screenshot of what he did on 2 of my accounts" *macro bans*

nah bro I was talking about that other guy who did a post like 10mins ago saying that he "doesnt do macro accounts". I do macro accounts that why I made my post.

And that picture is my account that I unbanned not that guy.

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