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Ban Evader (Rocket)


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Past accounts (if you know of any): [member=UmyoRS]

Current account: [member=Rocket]
ReasoningUser has been reported here



After doing a little digging, I found out that his E-mail is umyopp@yahoo.com on the report above, this is linked to a skype named:

umyors now,



umyors is linked here down as a known scammer.


The member [memeber=Rocket] has 2 skypes = live:uakbar16/UmyoRS which both have near enough the same profile pictures.


Here is another scam report where the user was banned.




He has used the aliases:

It's certainly clear that both the skypes are linked and that the email which chargebacked the GP from [member=Wax Awas definitely Rocket.
Hope this is enough proof, if you need any help understanding anything I've linked/or put down I'll feel free to post and tell you more. I just want this guy banned, he's scammed quite a bit and think's he can get away with the ban by making a new skype and nearly making it the same profile picture. (When they're clearly linked)
Surprised no-one ever posted about this guy.
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