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$226 REFUND after 1 year! (PayPal)

Wax A

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Sold him an account nearly or more than 1 year ago and he refunded the full $226 a few weeks ago!
We had a good Skype conversation about selling the account and how we are doing it etc. so I thought I was save with his reputation but I was not...
He went first and send me the full $226 over by PayPal, nothing went wrong the first few weeks/months even YEAR, but now he recently refunded his money. He did not say anything about it or why he charged it back.


I never even tried to get the account back because I quit Runescape at that moment. I only played on a F2P account I bought from someone else, that's it. So there is no way I would recover the account.











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I would like to note with the email he has provided of Rocket's (umyopp@yahoo.com)

Links to a skype called - umyors



His skype (umyors) is linked in here as a scammer in the scammer list for Sythe.


So I guess we could say he's also a ban evader on here.



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