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salty beef compilation

The Hero of Time

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explanation if you dont know how the beef contest works

you bring x amount of raw beef to keef, lets say you bring 10,000 raw beef. pick a number between 500-1000 . now divide 10,000 by the number you have chosen. so lets say you pick 501. 10,000/501 = 19 rolls. this will generate 19 random numbers between 500 and 1000. if 501 is one of the 19 numbers, you will win the contest and win 6 months of osbuddy pro. now because i made this neat little program you will also be added into the hall of fame, forever to look back upon.


if you're one off(500 or 502) you will get 1 month of osbuddy pro


Note: i made the program he is using :p



someone with 26K raw beef won the contest. then i came in with a whopping 93k beef, and didnt even win a single hit! not even one- off




oh yeah and then a little bug happened in my program emote3.png



ffs he won with 2.5k beef... srsly? the odds of that are EXTREMELY low.





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