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cannot connect to osbot

the bad doc

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Yeah make sure your Java is the newest version and delete your old versions.

You've probably already tried but try re-downloading OSbot.


As well as your anti-virus or windows defender might be blocking it. smile.png


Yup I've downloaded latest Java and deleted the old ones, also tried re-dling OSbot several times too! 


Anti-virus + firewall disabled and no luck!

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cheers thanks will try that now


EDIT: just tried - deleted everything OSBot from my computer and same problems persists.


EDIT2: also checked using java uninstall applet to remove any old java versions and it couldn't find any.. 



I had to go into add/remove programs - I had two versions of the same Java, I uninstalled the older one (installed earliest date) and then OSBot worked!


Thanks for the help guys.

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