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Elitist's oldschool questing service! *Fast & Experienced!*


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People ordering, please remember if you have valuables to mule them off your accounts.



Terms of service


I will not start the service before a payment has been made

This is a questing service, not a powerleveling service. Make sure you meet the requirements before ordering. As well as have all the required items.

Do not log in to your account without consulting me first.

Eventhough all quests are done by hand, letting someone else on your account is still a risk you take. I am not responsible for any actions taken against your account.

I will require access to your bank, if you have a pin set please remove it before ordering or tell me the correct pin.

I reserve the right to deny any request as I see fit. If I have already started your order and something comes up on my part, I will (partially) refund your order.

Currently you can only pay with RSGP, or paypal if you're trusted enough.

You automatically agree to these terms when placing an order. Ignorace of these terms is not a valid excuse.


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