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SAFELY BOTTING?!?! how long before breaks?!?


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hello all so i have been botting and i was wondering what is the preferred safe time to bot before logging off to break? i have mine set at 57 minutes before log out then take a 12 minute break and ill do a little of my own training in between does this sound safe? I'm using a experiment script so somebody anybody please fill me in with what you think or feels works best for botting " safly" as possible 

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Ask yourself this: "When I play a video game, do I usually play for 57 minutes, stop for 12 minutes, then repeat over and over?" The answer is probably no. Botting is inherently unsafe, but to mitigate as much risk as possible make your account act as realistically as possible. 


For example, bot for a couple hours, then go manually do a quest, or PK, or duel for a bit. Rest for a few hours, then repeat. Make sure there is a long consistent 8+ hour period with no account activity (this is you sleeping). 


Remember, if you care about your account do not bot. If you're trying to get a lot of gp via bot farm then you shouldn't care about your accounts and this really does not apply.

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i do care about my account I'm just trying to get it to 70-70-70 so i can get the nmz script and max out .. i will bot it as if I'm playing it...also are all bot now perm banned?

Perm ban, yes, no expetions

For auto clicking and smaller stuff 2days ban

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