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RQ Tutorial Island Completer


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- Completes tutorial island for you -

- Randomizes character appearance for "less bot like look" -

- Uses webwalking & random interaction choices to avoid patterns -

- Picks up progress anywhere (so you can start the bot at any time) - 

- Finished in 7 minutes! -

- Now turns off music! -




Version 2.5

Click here to download!

Place the downloaded jar in "c:\Users\YOUR_USER\osbot\scripts\"








If you find any bugs, please report them so I can fix them.

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So far looking very good and flawless.


Two suggestions tho:

  • Make it enable run by default from the start.
  • Make it use it the SPACE button for going thu dialogues quicker.


Running should be handled by the web walker, it worked when I was testing though, maybe it was a webwalking bug.

I'll check it out if more people have this issue.

@dialogues, see below :doge:



yeah SPACE is what a human would use.


I always just click myself, I didn't even know space bar works... :doge: 

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