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48 hour bot busting ban - impossible to carry on botting?


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I recently got a 48 hour bot busting ban on my main, and somewhere on the jagex faqs i read that they use the 48 hour ban as a warning of sorts, and if you get caught botting again it will be a permanent ban. Does this effectively mean that I can't bot on the account anymore? I recently bought a hunter script for osbot and I really want to use it. If I used lots of breaks or literally just ran it for an hour is there a chance they might detect it? 


Anyone who has been in a similar situation's input would be greatly appreciated. 

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My main got banned for 2 days back in december. Since no one wants to buy it, I am now botting range. Script has been running for almost 23 hours straight now with breaks. I got form levels 62 - 69 range with my current Bot time / Break time set up. I just want to see if I get banned before my membership runs out.

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On that account i wouldn't bot again, its being "watched" per say by jagex's system's. Maybe consider playing it legit man? and start a new acc build! biggrin.png


Haha yeah that's what I've been doing up until now! I'm just so tempted to run a bot for 3 hours or something but I would be absolutely devastated if I got dat perma

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