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America is doomed.


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lol what a pus. They should deport people like him. How is he even a graduate student when he has -5 logic.

I lol'd: 7d5971a67a2783b0640e3e2c747ea3c4.png

I'm too lazy to read this, whats it about


People are actually focusing so much on 1st amendment righs because everyone is racist and hates black people. In stead we should focus on banning free speech because it can do a lot of damage.



TLDR: He's a pussyboy who gets hurt by words and knows nothing.

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While I do find this hilarious, because quite frankly it's beyond ridiculous, I find it scary at the same time.  People seem to have the notion that things like racism, or just bigotry in general, will just go away if people aren't allowed to use language offensive towards minority groups. This is entirely false, the idea is still there, the sentiment is still there, it's just not out in the open. It doesn't fix any problem, it hides it by barring free expression of oneself.  Quite frankly, I like that people are free to openly use racial slurs etc, it allows me to identify the morons I want nothing to do with.

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