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Fake feedback.


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Disputed Member: [member=Chapo]
Why it should be removed: He tryed to scam me instead with his fake feedback by obviously getting my account banned or something.

Details: hes also being reported for scamming someone for OSGP. Hes feedbacks are all fake as well.

When looking at the time range on the feedbacks then it seems to be awfully weird. 11th january he got in 1 hour 6 positive feedbacks. When i was trying to search person named Bogla Vlad from BoglaGold, they replied that no deal was never done with user named Chapo in Osbot site. Today he received 7 positive feedbacks within hour again. If im wrong then call me a fucking dumb person.

Link to topic:http://osbot.org/forum/topic/90983-looking-for-training-servicecomb-skills/


His skype: chapoosbot


Just ban him, obviously an scammer and fake feedbacker.

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