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Dispute against Chapo


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Disputed member: Chapo

Thread Link: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/90962-selling-20-mill-osrs/

Explanation: I was selling him 20mill osrs gp but he was like you go first and stuff so i was like no and he was like yeah im starting a website you go first its just 20mill and i needed the money so i was like okay and then he scammed me. and so he was like send me feedback but then he blocked me and i didnt receive money.





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He just tryed to scam me and when im looking at his Feedback, its all fake. All the users who have left him feedback dont have feedback themselves at all. All feedbacks are made date 11 jan or today and very short time range. Most of the users are straight not active after leaving feedback to Chapo.


Hes 100% fake feedbacker and i suggest banning him before someone falls into his scams.

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