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Banned main account


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Hey guys


So you have heard i alot of time already probs but 14 jan i got a ban (bot busting moderate) for botting on my main account , totally deserved , I did bot on it.

It was my first ban so it was only 48 hours , the 48 hours were over so i played normally on it , didn't bot, I just trained my slayer as usual got a black demons task wich is sort of afk when safespotting. Didn't play for long max 3 hours after I could play again.Today I start my osBuddy again and start playing RS played again an hour and then went to watch some tv. So a few minutes ago i try to log in again , It logs me in DC's me en says my account was disabled. I go to my account settings and it says i got banned for macro'ing permanently. I did bot and got the ban for it the first time but after the ban i didn't bot and i got a perm ban? How is this possible? I'm not trying to fight it but i just want some insights.



Kind regards, 



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Well to me this is the end of a chapter , I wanted to play the game legit but beign banned for not doing anything wrong is just plain stupid. I guess this is the last stop, RS was fun but it's not fun forever


It's probably because you didnt use mirror mode heh.


After going for 1-82 cooking I got a 2 day ban as well. Then the next 5 days I continued botting to 99 cooking.

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This. You can say you changed your life and swear to never bot again, 

but you still did actually bot on that account, so you still deserve the ban.


Why ? I got banned for botting , didn't bot again. It clearly states in de message you recieve that you are welcome to play further if you don't use any macroing, So i didn't actually didn't do something wrong to get banned the second time.

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