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I recommend Cyanogenmod!


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Hey all. Just installed Cyanogenmod on my Samsung Galaxy S4. The device was really really slow, so i decided to just install Cyanogenmod. I use this phone for android app dev. 


So.. For everyone with a device as slow as if it comes from the stone age.. Install CyanogenMod and you will be happy ;)

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bruh that phone is old as my nan, thats what you use a phone for. what else? play runescape on it?

Just buy a new phone with "new" functions that ur not gonna use. All I do is browse and use whatsapp/youtube.

Why should I spend 1k+ on a $150 worth of hardware just to make sure its fast enough. Using an iphone okey, they force you to buy a new one since they just block services when the software becomes to old. But thats apple ;)

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