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Ive always wanted to make a gold farm but it was never possible with my lack of funds and very dodgy internet. Through OSBot and other forums I have gained heaps of money to start this.


Method 1:

Method 1 is a well known method and is about 400-500k GP per hour.

I will have 3 accounts doing this method.


Method 2:

Method 2 is has high requirements and not many people are willing to do. The method is very profitable and can rack in over 1.8m GP per hour.

I will have 1 account doing this method.


Funds used:

$10 for a script.

2.2m for a bond.

3m for questing.

Around $17 USD


Day one:

Made one account and got that botting on method 1 before I went to sleep. Woke up and it had made around 7m. Good start!





Total profit so far = -10m 07

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Would be great to see some of the off-site screenshots. Maybe put them in a spoiler? I don't see why a screenshot would be against the rules unless u advertised it which I don't think u would be doing tongue.png

Ill ask a moderator about it.


Nice man, 


What for script is it, Can you pm the link?

Its pretty easy to find.

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