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Dispute against Bowstringer.


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Disputed member: Bowstringer

Thread Link: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/77824-need-skilling/

Explanation: He told me to add his Skype for some skilling services. We agreed I will pay after the service is done, I gave him the acc details and went to bed. Just woke up about 10 minutes ago, logged in and the "PURE" account that was 1/20/1 is now 5/20/7, effectively ruining my account. He also took all of the skilling supplies left for him. In total he took about 1.5M from my account and ruiied my pure. Would like this user banned. 






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I will provide evidence of a "failed" service. This is a link to the stats requested: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/77824-need-skilling/


From that link, the skills request are:

30-60 Crafting(I provide Molten Glass)  

32-40 Thieving

40-60 Fishing


Here is a picture of the stats of my account at this very moment. 39bd4da92e61d78e7625c08a19f241f7.png


As you can see through Skype, he was logged into my account. and "started" the service, providing me "proof" of legit service. NO REQUESTED LEVELS WERE GAINED, ONLY THE DEFENSE AND ATTACK LEVELS. 

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Also heres proof of the time that i lost acces to account http://gyazo.com/0838c65ec27d7458dfc68a885365bcda


That is ridiculous "proof". You have no evidence of the password being correctly typed? Obviously I would not change the password, I have been trying to get this specific service done for 3 days before i spoke to this guy. And i dont even care about a refund, you scammed me about 1.5M total so i'm not upset about that. 

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