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[2 in 1] False feedback removal and Scammer.


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Disputed Member:[member='darvinb98] 
Why it should be removed: No trade occurred.
DetailsHe told me he got scammed via skype and then asked me to stake him seeing as he was quitting. Once the stake began he DDoS'd me and killed me. 
Link to topichttp://osbot.org/forum/topic/77567-sell-100m-07/page-2#entry859956


Disputed member: [member='darvinb98] 

Thread Link: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/77567-sell-100m-07/page-2#entry859956

Explanation: As explained above. 

Evidence: I'll upload skype convo and a picture of disconnecting when we entered the duel arena if thats enough. 


evidence removed by staff


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Not sure if it's my place to post here and I'm sorry if not allowed, however I was buying 50mil from user and after I sent payment he didn't receive I checked my bank and they released the payment but it was being held for some reason, turned out it was the sellers PayPal was fully working and he couldn't receive payment, as someone else already said in the thread of his which he was selling the gold which is in Decodes evidence the link to. I contacted my back and they explained the problem to me as the user isn't verified or registered properly so they was sorting s refunding out for me, which can take up to 3 days apparently, however my net seemed to start playing up since dealing with the user and constant lag spikes and can't do anything, constantly disconnection so I don't know if the user is always ddosing me like he was with Decode but I can't access anything via my laptop so using my phone.

But after my refund if the user is found guilty I'd be happily willing to give the 50m to decode for his losses to the user which occurred.

(Sorry for long winded explanation I'm tired)

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decode, are u telling me i got 50m off you? are u bloody serious right now? cause if u lie about this, you truly are pathetic and ill proove you wrong.

i got scammed by captain america and he never refunded my money that i gave him, i even have proof he ignored me, and stop talking about some bullshit ddos, i dont do that kind of shit. i hope a mod or someone understand this, i was talking to divica and the 3rd highest feedback in this forum while i got scammed by you captain america. and now this decode is asking to get MY 50m? is this serious? pathetic, nothing else but pathetic.

i demand my money back.

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Can't really prove he ddosed you and what does it matter, you staked 50m vs his 50m, its a stake. At the end of the day that is your fault for staking that much for no reason? If someone is quitting trade you the gold or stake it vs 0 gp.

Oh well guess youre right. Could i get these two negative feedback removed now?

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