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dispute against decode v2


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i ask that dex/asuna retake a look @ the rules in the t.o.s section as my case is different the worker has scammed as shown in 3 different disputes the reason i am asking for a reopen is b/c 




i have the global osbot terms of service on my side his terms of service are trumped because a worker scammed[probable cause he has 3 disputes on him] in the above terms of service it states that he is held fully responsible for his workers  if they do scam and there is probably casue that the worker took 20m which means he owes me a full refund 




Disputed member: alain w/decode

Thread Link:http://osbot.org/for...pes-void/page-6

Explanation:17m is missing off the accts i provided

Evidence: were disputing how we should handle a 20m missing on the accounts.


decode is stating hes out of town till sunday  so he wont be posting till then 


decode also owes me for 25m downpayment  5m/30m has been refunded were disputing over 25m downpayment and 20m in items scammed




also yes i did log on before permission [ after the scam] but as shown in the skype conversations decode is totally fine with it and states nothing about his terms of service being breached[they shouldnt inform a user when the owner isnt there hey your accounts items arent there my first reaction is gonna be to log on the account obviously... http://embed.gyazo.com/ada998bcdb3e939782162cd7a216da33.png


my terms of service were also breached the second a worker scammed 20m and is currently getting off scott free although from my understanding that worker has broken the t.o.s for there service last night got a account banned for botting[hand done only job] and has taken 1m off someones account its probable cause osbot which means under the global t.o.s [which protect my rights as a osbot member/service user] http://gyazo.com/0abf974f9d9bc28d283a202dd0a71773 stated in this image if a worker scams in your service you are held to a full refund. 


my terms of service were broken a second time when jackshow opened a dispute stating one of his accounts got banned for botting as i hired alain to do a hand done job in the t.o.s it states 

  • In the event that your workers do scam/breach your T.O.S/some other event, the Service Owner will be FULLY responsible for any proceeds that need to be settled. the worker breached my t.o.s by botting and getting a account banned it proves she is can not be trusted to do hand done accounts which breaks my t.o.s which gives me a right to my 25m downpayment [ and 17m scammed if alain is found guility of scamming which i believe she was thought to have last night]



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