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Ironman Progress


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This is my current progress on my ironman. I'll try to update it every couple days. I decided to make an ironman a couple days ago because in my free time, when no-one is online on my ps4 friends list it can get boring. & rs isn't a bad time waster. Atm I'm a nonmember, cause I don't feel like spending irl cash on this acc.

I'm never going to bot this ironman, (it's a perm ironman btw) 


I have no real plans as I only play this when no-one is on the PS4


This account was created 6/17/15

(btw, I'd happily accept bond donations or do quests for people for bonds)

If you're kind enough to donate, I'll start a list on here.


Since I decided to make this thread and track my progress, I don't have pics of my stats for the first 3 real training days.






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