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Looking to build a team


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My Background


So I'm 17, I will turn 18 on August 8, 2015 I currently live in Ewa Beach, Hawaii in the United States I've played Runescape since 2006 and honestly I can't remember exactly when I started services about a month after I got bored of my max account on RuneScape 3 but it wasn't too long after that I fell in love with the black market . I've got a lot of actual tangible real life experience with running projects and a business as well as having the more boring but very important knowledge. I've got experience running a RSPS and a RSPS Community called RSPSCoding before but it was more of a bit of fun back then, this to me is my baby of a project and I will treat it like a business for the most efficiency. I want to grow rapidly but I know I can't do it alone so that's why I'm here. I also have the ability to be online daily 8+ hours a day. Also RSPSM stands for RuneScape Premium Sales Market.




For the past three months I've been collecting research for RSPSM. This research has been taken from a variety of different places in order to ensure it's not biased. I've collated all of this research into several spread sheets that continue to be imperative in interpreting what you clients want! I understand that I can't be everything to everyone but I believe I can still get clients and workers interested in RSPSM no matter what you're preference is on RuneScape 3 or Old school, this will be mainly due to many aspects of RSPSM such as the impeccable development, help and friendly live chat, fast, safe, and professional services and trades. 


Graphic Artist Needed 

I am actually for someone to do graphics for a while now, I have a lot of friends who do graphics but they are busy most of the time or don't have the professional quality I am looking for for example I need a GFX Designer who can design RSPSM main logo and the support GIF you would see on this thread, and  I have come to the conclusion that only want work that  is precisely what we want here at RSPSM which is... Elegant, Eye catching, Innovative and most importantly exceedingly high class work and that is the reason why I'm going to be picky looking for an official GFX designer for RSPSM! As with most great Designers around, I want your main focus to be on RSPSM which means if we need something made you put all work aside and attend to our needs.


Got you interested?

If you wish to inquire about anything or you wish to apply for a position then please do so by view and answering the documents I attached to this thread and you can send to me through any of the following and I will get back to you within a couple of minutes.





Skype: Actuvas or PM




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