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Explanation: I was a worker for "Noah" for a day, a client called "Devin" requested 3 Fremmenik Trial accounts, I left after a day because I don't do powerlevel, I only do quests.

I was supposed to finish 3 accounts that needed their requirements, I did most of the requirements on 2 accounts and I told "Devin" that I can't do Powerlevel because I only do quests and he said it's okay and he said he will change the accounts password and I didn't charge for the requirements that I've done and I told him consider it as a gift and we were good at this point.

After 2-3 days, I get a negative feedback from Noah telling me I stole his clients and said I stole a job intended for his workers.

  1. I didn't steal any clients, my feedback shows that I didn't receive any feedback from "Devin"
  2. A guy called "Pain" added me and requested me to do some quests for him after I asked him if I can do anything for him.
  3. I have my own Quests services here
  4. I never told "Devin" or "Noah" to pay me.
  5. I did the requirements for 2 accounts for free and I didn't charge.
  6. I don't recall stealing a job or clients as breaking the rules.




  1. http://gyazo.com/f3be47e64c652ccc61e7d69bb0d4aab2

  2. http://gyazo.com/5758c14bd6b3b62ef88cca883251d333

  3. http://gyazo.com/c2ea8050f43c30ff40be2e0d51003cd2

  4. http://gyazo.com/796737e6a4c322a0314f378f89d684b4

  5. http://gyazo.com/17174d3a733748ef9d5b1a8ef9e3e39b

  6. http://gyazo.com/f3be47e64c652ccc61e7d69bb0d4aab2



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