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Selling various mining accounts [60+]


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Hello, I am starting to run services for mining accounts, all of them will be Fresh with No Black marks. I will give you the email, and the rest of the information that's required.
All account names are normal and not bot-like(yklfgh45)
They will also have Rune Pickaxe with them. So they're ready to bot anywhere.
Mining level 60 - 3m 07 GP or 6$
mining level 61-69 - 4m 07 GP or 9$
mining level 70+ - we will talk about it on Skype or PM
Add me on Skype or PM me. smile.png
Also accepting bulk orders.


post-10653-0-14617200-1433079476_thumb.png GOT 3x - 70 miners

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