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Ban me already...


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So, after my main previously got banned, the next highly-time-invested account would be my Ironman. I created him the day it released and worked on him for months. He has full void, 130+ quest points, and really nice stats for an ironman. But there was one thing I didn't like...he was an ironman. I've contacted Mods from the runescape support section of runescape asking if they'd remove the PERM iron mode on my ironman, which I got typical answes like "Our systems simply cannot do that" whenever Bonesaw and tons of others have been deironed. 

So I didn't know of any bug abuses out there since I stopped playing on my ironman for months, so I decided.. "Hey, why not bot in hopes that they'll give you a 2day ban and deiron you!" so when I woke up this morning before I left for school, I set my Ironman to  ABSOLUTELY 0 breaks and to run rooftop agility courses. I was expecting by the time that I got home he would be banned.






STATS:  http://prntscr.com/7awg58












After I got home......













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