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Dispute against Judi QQ

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Disputed member: @Judi QQ


Thread Link: No specific thread, but this is a good start


Explanation: I have had him boost my league of legends account in the past (see my feedback) and was going to have him boost me from Silver 2 to Gold 5. We decided on the price of $40. He started on it and played a few games, but after 5 or 6 hours he logged off. He deleted me from skype and is not replying via private message. I'm going to chargeback but hope he can be banned too. If he wants to comply, I would be ok if he refunded the money and I would just find a different person to do the service. It would save the hassle. 




Agreeing to trade: 




Ignoring me:




Proof of payment:




Proof this is his Skype:


Thank you for reading.

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