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Banned May 20th 2015


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Yeah, so I got a Perma ban on an original username account (no email)

I was botting at alkharid warriors, I was basically an f2p pure with 70 str.. But ouch..

Will post more information on my ban when I get home from school :(

Edit: Funny part is that I posted a thread in this category about. a year ago :p May something :p

Anyways I was taking breaks and whatnot but yeah I didn't use mirror client or any thing, was botting in f2p. The account actually lasted quite a long time. I had gotten some good stats and whatnot. Was a nice pure but I guess shit happens :/ Will update with pictures and whatnot when I get home!

Edit: Just saying its crazy how I got perma banned in 1 shot, normally it'd be a 2 day ban and then onwards with the perma.. :/ So once again be careful!

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And the point is? You were botting, which is against the Runescape game rules. Botting will get you banned, eventually.

Coming from a scripter, VIP and sponsor of a botting website ROFL

Haha ! Anyways I'll prob invest in the mirror mode or something, not so sure.. Don't really wanna bot for a long while as well as I should change my ip

That's probably because your IP is flagged. I would change ip or use a proxy before playing again.

Should've multi quoted but I just saw this post and I'm on my phone. I will definitely do that. I have a static IP so that's the good part ! :D

so Sorry to hear bud. how long did u bot?

I botted for a decent amount of time, took breaks, did some skills by hand/quests etc. But once jagex catches you botting.. No matter how much legit you play after, you'll just end up banned :p

So just be careful.

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