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My weekend vacation


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Well I traveled to Colorado this weekend because my brother and cousin was graduating college, as soon as I hit the highway my whole network gets knocked offline so my skype instantly gets clobbered up with about 40 instant messages like "My Server is down WTF" meanwhile I am on skype mobile trying to respond to everyone while driving. Then I lose service because we were in the middle of nowhere. Now I am unable to see my network problems because my phone is down because of no services. So all I could think if my head was OMG THE FUCKING REFUNDS ARE GOING TO BE REAL. Then finally I get to a point where I had 2G so I was able to slowly respond to certain users most of them were like " just lemme know when my VPS is back up" im like OK well a couple of hours pass of driving and my Co Owner is like "We have about 130+ un read support tickets" I respond WTF just toggle live chat off until we can solve the issue and answer all the tickets. Then my boyfriend starts complaining about us stopping to long and not making it to the graduation on time so I start driving again and instantly lose service. A couple of hour later I receive a text message from Matt, Matt is pretty much my network manager who oversees all 9 of our data center hardware and network issues and such, he tells me "So 3 of our 8 DC are down" my first question was HOW THE FUCK LONG he responds "15-24 hours" I say JUST FUCK ME BACKWARDS!!! Anyways I spend my whole weekend vacation on skype and my webcam with my managers trying to get servers backup, but I am back now and the hard work starts back again lol. 


Special thanks to;


Nike and some other folks for spamming my skype. 

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