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PayPal VS Skrill(Moneybookers)


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I found an interesting PP VS Skrill list that will for sure help the one or other smile.png


I prefer skrill and I also have the prepaid credit card.


Reason: - 1,80€ fix fee on ATM 

                 no charge backs (very low risk)

                 I don't have to wait to withdraw my money

                 lower fee's than PP




The link: https://www.ewallet-optimizer.com/skrill/skrill-vs-paypal/


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I personally prefer Skrill, but I use PayPal more often 



I like paypal because a lot of merchants accept paypal as a payment.

I dislike paypal because charging back/opening a dispute is so easy.

Account gets limited for no reason.


I like skrill because it is safer then paypal


Yes, for normal shopping I prefere/use paypal.

But if I am the seller, I prefere skrill.

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