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Unknown computer issue


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Well i recently upgraded my comoputer and the specs i have i should theoretically be able to play games on ultra settings however i am not able to play them without lag and it randlomly jumping/skipping frames. Even on non ultra settings i still get some skips which shouldnt happen.


I also get this error when i try to launch Dragon Age from basic settings to optimizied settings.




Does anyone know what this means? or what is causing the error? I think it might be an issue with my graphics card but cant be sure.


edit for specs





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Seems like your external GPU is not working. It is trying to use Intel Integrated GPU, HD Graphics. Make sure you have correct Drivers and GPU pins plugged on correctly.




Look for the .ini file and check if NVIDIAGPU=true


sorry not very computer literate apart from basic crap lol, how do i go about doing that?

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Monitor your temperatures, could well be an overheating CPU or GPU and that causes the clock speed to drop drastically (throttling) in order to reduce temperatures.

Or it could well be the issue that your CPU is kinda old tbh, the single core performance won't be all that great, which is important for gaming because they are very commonly limited in terms of mulithreading compatibility.

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