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2 day ban?


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Hi guys! And sorry about this, it has probably been asked serveral times before. 


But anyways, I have been playing on my account legit (about a month or two)  after a 1 year break. The past two weeks, I've been botting 67-68 fishing, aswell as 36-52 agility. I've never been botting more than 40 minutes-1 hour before playing legit or taking long breaks. Also I was using paid scrips. 

I have also bought like..7 bonds. 5 by phone and 2 over paypal. 


For my question: I hear all this talk about 2 day bans? What's the deal with that? I though botting was straight up perm ban? 


Sorry about my rusty English wacko.png

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I've played on old accounts that have been banned for 2 days before a perma ban. But sometimes there are straight up perma bans. It really depends on your luck to be honest. I've made new accounts that were banned for 2 days.


Ugh, guess i should be wearing my rabbit foot then, lulz. 


Again, is there rly a difference between botting and macroing? 

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what the fuck lol


Macro = a rule or pattern that specifies how a certain input sequence should be mapped to a replacement output sequence according to a defined procedure. So botting = macroing = using scripts, they're the same thing.


The length of your ban is presumed to be decided by a computer, which analyses your behavior and tries to guess the chances of you continuing to use scripts on your account after the ban. Typically, gold-farming accounts will be instantly banned since the chances of continuing to bot will be very high, based on data collected. And I guess typically most players will stop botting on "main" accounts once receiving a 2-day ban, hence the reason they are used.

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