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My Journey with Czar Flesh Crawlers - 99 Str - ?

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Czar Flesh Crawlers is Awesome.

Will be updating daily until I hit 99 Strength


If for some reason the images wont load, please PM me - as they are hosted on my personal server. Thanks.





Day 1 (11th of May)


Day 2 (12th of May)





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Does anyone have any experience botting at Flesh Crawlers? I botted over-night with one of the free combat scripts and received a nice perma-ban. If I had used the paid Flesh Crawler script would i have still been banned? or are Flesh Crawlers just another "hot" area where bans are frequent?

Dont know what the ban rate is now but few months ago I went from range 40-75 at flescrawlers in a week and made few million gp stack. I had paid script tho

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