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Orphan Disciples (The Runescape Market Evolved)

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Who are we?


Simply put we are the future of the Runescape market in the present. With you as a part of our community we will take over the Runescape market one step at a time. If you act right now you can save even more on what will be the most profitable investment of your Runescape-based career.


What do we offer?


Maybe the better question is "What don't they offer?"

We offer...


$1.75 P/Mil OSRS at launch for all VIP members.

Goldfarming pools on a scale never seen before.

Merching where everyone involved CAN and WILL profit.

Community knit together by the common goal of turning a simple game into $$$$.


This is simply the surface of what is going on at Orphan Disciples...


Contact me via Skype for even more info.

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