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10 Year Old Main, Finally Banned, How I Got Caught

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Don't worry, i'm not here to complain about my ban, I understood the risks of botting my main account.


However, I just wanted to inform you all about how I believe Jagex finally caught me.


Some backstory, I write my own scripts with my own anti-ban and have never been banned on any account i've ever botted, I've always been super careful about balancing my legit play with my botting. I'd been doing this for years on runescape before EoC, and now for years on OSRS. Successfully I might add without ever recieving any ban, and almost maxing my account on RS before EoC came out. All of my friends who play OSRS with me also bot, and play on and off legit, however one of them has had their IP flagged for botting, and he gets banned very often if he bots at all on an account, and sometimes banned if he plays legit (or so he says). He made an obby maul pure, and asked me for some money to get himself some obby mauls, so I traded him 2m on May 6th. I played legit for the rest of the day after botting fishing for about 3 hours prior to the trade. I got home from work the next day, and attempted to login, only to find out that my account had been banned permenantly for a Major Macroing Offense. There's no clear indication of how I got banned, but after doing this for years on end and never receiving a ban, I believe that trading the flagged IP caused my them to check out my account and see if I had any suspicious activity, as I was trading a commonly banned IP Address. I just thought maybe I could give my insight on the situation and perhaps help other people avoid recieving bans. Be careful friends!


TLDR; Traded a flagged IP, they looked at my account, banned it.

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