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What are the advantages of having 70+ smithing

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Thinking of getting 70+ smithing on my pure but what money making could I do with it going to be buying 70 smithing so I will not having a good mining level but what methods could be used for money making? No botting all hand done so I dont mind slow methods. 

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Errrrr. Profitable + Smithing? Cannonballs is the only thing that comes to my mind. As for speed, definitely gold bars with goldsmith gauntlets, I don't think I've ever done it a different way. Superheat it if you want the magic experience and have the cash to spare too. 


EDIT: Right blast furnace, never tried it. I don't think of smithing as a profitable skill, just a buyable. 

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What are the basic fundamentals of blast furnace?

The blast furnace only uses half the coal needed than a normal furnace.

You have to have started The Giant Dwarf to get access there. Best way to get there is use the minigame tele.

You just gotta check the prices of ea bar and do some calcs (use half coal than normally).

I just normally leech. Go w358 add ores to the belt and just sit back and wait for the bars to come.

Heres a link to a guide:

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