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Looking for a developer to create a bot (NOT RS)

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Basically I need an application created for my own use. It is not RS related at all. I do not know a lot about programming, so I am not sure how difficult this would be, nor how possible/practical.


I pretty much want a tool that searches amazon using select search terms, and matches pictures/keywords with the ones that the user inputs. For example, I want to be able to input a picture of a product and have the bot/application scan amazon for exact or close matches.


I am of course willing to pay for this project. Prices can be discussed, but I am willing to pay you fairly for your time and effort. 


Please PM me if you want to know more, or think you might be up to the task.

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Neither really. If you can do it, I'd be happy to explain in further depth the purpose to satisfy curiosity biggrin.png It's for business related purposes


I don't think I have the skillset to take on something like this :p. I was just wondering with school years starting to end if you needed it for a final project.

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I am a fairly experienced programmer, as Flamezzz pointed out there are already other applications that handle this task.


Depending on length of the project and the price you are willing to pay I'd be happy to do it.


I have quite heavy time restraints at the moment but I'll give it a look.


PM me with a proper specification for the application (all features, what devices it'll be run on etc).

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