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✔ Goldfarming ✔ Help For Noobs

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Hey guys, I'm offering free help to those who would like to get into goldfarming smile.png

If you are wondering where to start, or how to put your plans into action, or just need help or information about goldfarming/botfarms, feel free to add my skype:


I will most likely take a long time to reply to you on this thread, however I reply normally within 10 minutes on Skype.


The only thing I won't help/tell you is my own methods. I have my own methods, please don't ask for them tongue.png I can give you some ideas for some methods or how help on how to start a farm on the method you have in mind.


I'm not claiming to be an expert botter/goldfarmer, however, I have run farms/bot teams before with success smile.png

some of these have been:

- Spam Team

- F2P Suicide Farms

- P2P Goldfarming


my skype is:



edit: I think I may have posted this in the wrong section, mb if I did.

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