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Great F2P Moneymaking Methods (as of the moment)

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Hey, these are some of the methods I figured and used when I just started playing and botting on OSRS a few months ago and a list like this would have saved me a lot of trouble! these methods aren't saturated (as of yet) and I hope you guys can take advantage of some of them before they become popular



buy small fishing nets from port sarim’s fishing shop and deposit it through the port sarim deposit drop box

Use: Precise’s Store Buyer 

free script

5gp per small fishing net

360 fishing nets/hr

rough 80k gp/hr


telekinetic grab nature runes (BETTER THAN ZAMORAK WINE)

use telekinetic grab on two stacks of nature runes in the wilderness

you can be killed and it is recommended to watch your bot run

Use: make ur own script or beg a scripter to make a free one Troll.png

2 stacks of nature runes (3 and 4)

roughly 1.2k profit per world hop

depending on how good fast your script is 150k-200k/hr


location of the nat runes ^


buying death runes from rune shops in varrock or port sarim

death runes go from 180gp-225gp in the rune shops and the grand exchange buys for more

Use: Precise’s Store Buyer

profit/hr: anywhere between 75k-100k depending on when it’s busy or not



other f2p methods that are well known:

tanning in al kharid

drinking jugs of wine -> filling up jug with water

smelting steel bars


other items that are profitable with Precise's store buyer

Needle and Thread (al kharid + rimmington)

general store (hammer, bowl, jug, etc.)

steel arrows (varrock + rimmington)

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