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[S]elling blast furnace beast | 84 smithing (!) |

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This is a tiny army ohmy.png

Just curious, when you were botting these, did you just leech 24/7?

Might be interested.


Yeah quite tiny, but they have big impact. They're all professional leechers and bot no more than 4-5 hours a day. the high smithing one is halfway to a coalbag too which would greatly increase his profit when doing addy/steel bars (mith also works but not as fast right now).

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Who's the first owner of the 84 smithing account ? How can i be sure that it wont be recovered ? 

Also would like to know if the log-in name is e-mail or regular username ?

I might bid 20M on it


I consciously bought it from a trusted seller on playerauctions. I would never risk paying so much for something to be recovered.

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I think the guy is looking for some kind of assurance/warranty, i.e if it does get recovered, you'll cover his loss tongue.png


Why you leaving the blast furnace crew sad.png


I know man. But I did buy it from a verified seller on playerauctions.


I am totally not leaving the BF crew, don't worry :)

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